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Transduction, integration, plasticity in primary nociceptive neurons
Principal Investigator: P.W. Reeh

Prof. Dr. med.
Peter W. Reeh

Dr. rer.nat.
Tatjana I. Kichko

Prof. Dr. rer.nat.
Susanne K. Sauer

Prof. Dr. med.
Michael J.M. Fischer

Dr. rer.hum.biol.
Tal Hoffmann

Dr. rer.nat
Katrin Kistner


Research on primary nociceptive neurons, their electrophysiological and neurochemical responses to noxious stimuli and chemical mediators. Isolated preparations and cultured dorsal root ganglion cells as well as transfected cell lines are used to study action potential discharge, ionic currents, calcium transients and release of substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide. Aim is to elucidate nociceptive transduction and integration of stimuli as well as possible pharmacological interventions. Specific topic is sensitization by tissue acidosis and inflammatory mediators as well as their intracellular signal transduction. Transgenic mouse strains lacking different metabotropic and ionotropic receptors or thermally activated ion channels (TRPV1) are studied. Voltage-controlled ion channels (NaV, HCN) recently came in focus, because only few subtypes decide on excitability, i.e. on generation, frequency and propagation of action potentials to the central nervous system.


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